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handshakeAt Acrius Capital we fully understand that a significant component of our strength is derived from our substantial network of professionals. We are therefore always open to exploring mutually beneficial opportunities with other ethical, competent, and tenacious organizations and individuals that pride themselves on providing unparalleled customer service during each engagement. We are known throughout the industry for our ability to get the job done and are ready to assist our partners with clients across the United States. We often provide referrals to and receive referrals from:

Business and Bankruptcy Attorneys:

Acrius Capital works with bankruptcy attorneys by assisting in out of court restructuring projects. The assistance our team has provided in the past has resulted in significant reduction in restructuring costs and delays, thereby allowing clients that could not have afforded the administrative costs of a Chapter 11 to restructure and continue to operate. We frequently encounter prospective clients that are beyond a critical juncture and are therefore better off consulting with a bankruptcy attorney. In such instances we look to refer our clients to attorneys within the same geographical location, with a track record of success and the highest ethical standards. We are also able to provide Debtor-in-Possession (DIP) financing for companies as they emerge from bankruptcy.

Bankers and Lenders:

At Acrius Capital we appreciate a bank’s hesitancy to sell a performing loan, which no longer meets bank criteria, at a significant discount. Fortunately, our business model is built on making the bank whole while simultaneously providing liquidity for the borrower. We also realize that the best case scenario, for all parties involved, is to assist a troubled borrower before they are sent to the Special Assets Department. We are able to strengthen the borrower’s balance sheet and improve their cash flow by working with their subordinated debt holders to decrease outstanding debt obligations to a serviceable amount as determined by the company’s cash flow. We have substantial referral opportunities stemming from the sheer number of prospective client companies we converse with on a daily basis and actively seek to bring financing deals to our lenders.

Mergers & Acquisitions Professionals:

Contact us to find out how we ensure you maximize your return on investment by directing 100% of your capital infusion towards profit generation rather than settling pre-existing debt obligations. In addition, we encourage you to inquire about our unique financing options that may mean the difference between the success and failure of your transaction.

Accounting Firms:

Accountants are often the first to detect a company’s declining profits and asset base. As a trusted advisor to their client, accountants can suggest Acrius Capital as a possible solution to their declining cash flow and performance. Many of our clients are in need of compiled, unqualified or qualified financial statements. We look to refer our clients to accountants that understand efficiency and effectiveness are essential to our collective success.