Business Financing Since 2009


• Are you starting a new business?
• Need new capital for improvements, equipment or acquisitions?
• Need a cash infusion to take out old debts?
• Need funding to buy out your partner?
• Want to restructure your funding to maximize profits?
• Would new capital increase your ROI?

Welcome to Acrius Capital.
Founded in 2009, our mission is to improve your company’s working capital, and we are only compensated if and when we succeed, so there is no risk to you. As a full-service corporate financial advisory institution with corporate offices in San Francisco, CA, Acrius Capital secures funding for businesses to enable them to grow. We’re hands-on and always personally available to you. We consult with our corporate partners to work with a variety of clients: start-ups, growing firms, mature companies, owners with bad credit, and entities with income issues whose banks can no longer support them.

Our Process Begins With A Candid Phone Call.
We start with a candid phone interview to discuss your assets, debt ratio, profitability, and projections moving forward. We ask pointed questions such as: How did you get into this situation? Are you bad customer or just having some bad luck? Were you not able to cut your losses soon enough?
Then, Acrius Capital provides you with equally candid answers on whether or not if we can help you, along with our standard success fee structures for small business funding and asset based lending.

Our Services.
Our clients are pleasantly surprised by our out-of-the-box thinking to implement creative, personalized strategies to fit their unique needs. We also act as a broker to acquire the best possible term sheets, enable our clients to focus on growth with a minimum impact on cash flow, while we emphasize high capital flexibility with low pricing.
Because we source capital in-house and augment your negotiating efforts with creditors, the Acrius Capital team can be an indispensable ally for any business owner or for an executive officer facing liquidity difficulties, pending legal action, or equipment collection issues.